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Walking the Offa’s Dyke Trail

Sunday 2nd - Wednesday 26th September 2018

Walking Tour

We are planning a walking rally to walk the Offa’s Dyke Trail over 24 days along the same lines that the Coast to Coast rally was run in June 2015. That is we will find 6 campsites along the route and will arrange transport from the campsite to the start of the walk and collect us at the end each day.

This is a challenging walk; we shall be walking on average be-tween 10 to 12 miles each day with 2 days slightly longer. There will be rest days and moving on days.

We are not planning to recce the walk as it is a well-known route, however we will be recceing the camp sites and the bus drop off and pick up points plus a venue for the welcome and final dinners.

We will also include the usual “Happy Hours” and other fun activities etc. as is now custom and practice on these rallies.

Offa’s Dyke is a linear earthwork, which roughly follows the Welsh/English boundary. It consists of a ditch and rampart constructed with the ditch on the Welsh-facing side, and appears to have been carefully aligned to present an open view into Wales from along its length. As originally constructed, it must have been about 27 metres wide and 8 metres from the ditch bottom to the bank top. It stretches from Chepstow (Beachley) in the South to Prestatyn in the North a distance of 177 miles.

Due to a canvellation we now have space for 1 more unit.
Please 'Apply' from the link below or email the organisers if you need any more information.

Rally Officers : Steve & Marina Harvey

Assistant Rally Officers : Don & Les Roebuck

Further Information

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